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School of Rock Fanfiction

For those who love to rock

School of Rock Fan Fiction
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schoolofrockfic is a community for all fan fiction for the movie School of Rock. It welcomes fiction of all kind, from general "and this is how I'm sure the band will keep on in high school" gen fic, to the sweetest/hottest het fic, to the skankiest slash fic. And there shall be skank.

oo1. KEEP POSTS ON-TOPIC. Please, I think we all know that almost everybody thinks that Kevin Clark is hot. You don't need to post everywhere about it.
oo2. USE AN LJ-CUT, OKTHX. Even if you are just posting a 100-word drabble, lj-cuts are important. They are made thusly, without the astericks:
<*lj-cut text="The fic name here"> the fic here <*/lj-cut>
oo3. NC-17 IS GREAT, BUT NOT FOR THE UNDERAGED. If you are going to post some nasty sexing, please make it clear so that people who aren't legally allowed to read such can be warned.
oo4. NO BASHING. A'ight, it's cool that you think Freddy and Summer are oh so meant to be, but that doesn't mean you have to go off on me because I personally think Summer and Lawrence are destined as well as Freddy and Zack. If you don't want to read something, nobody is forcing you to.

This is a good posting header to follow:
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None of this really happened. School of Rock and every one of the characters and such are copyrighted to NOT US.
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